11 road trip to Mysterious Places in India

India is a land of traditions with deep cultural ties. India is a land of mythological beliefs and India is also a place of superstitions. Superstitions are not only limited to boiling of milk, breaking of glass, etc. It is also about beliefs about places— mysterious places. Natural wonders where a church submerges in monsoon and comes back to life after that to places where only twins are born. All this happens only in India! You need to have a trip planner to explore these places as one can never be sure about these places until we visit them.

Some paradoxes have been cracked whereas others are still believed to be God’s blessings! Only a visit to these places can reveal the realities. Come; let’s start our road trip to explore these places


1. Rameshwaram Temple in Tamil Nadu

According to Ramayana, Lord Rama’s Vanara (Monkeys) Sena built a bridge of floating stones all the way to Sri Lanka. It is 30km in length and 3km in width.



  • Location: Ram Setu Bridge is a walkable bridge created across the sea connecting Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka.
  • Approach: It is well-connected with nearby cities of Chennai, Coimbatore, Thanjavur, and Trichy. A road trip treats you with serenity to calm the complexities of modern life.
  • Mystery:

Afloat Bridge— it was built by stones that would remain afloat after the name of Lord Rama was inscribed on them.

  • Names—

Adam’s Bridge, as Islamic text believes that Adam is supposed to have fallen in this part of the earth         

Nala Setu, as it is believed to be built by Nala according to Ramayan.

  • Mystery Unrevealed: Scientific studies have revealed that it is a natural bridge formed by a linear sequence of coral reefs or the limestone shoals.

Rameshwaram Temple and its surrounding area attract many tourists who worship Lord Kapardisvara along with other temples and enjoy the clean unexplored beaches.

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!

 2.  Shettihalli- The Drowning Church

Shettihalli is a Gothic church that was built by French Missionaries in 1860. It is believed that eggs & jaggery were added to the mortar which strengthened the structures and till date it has stood the test of time during monsoons by drowning and submerging back since 1960. This Church can provide a day’s exploration in a chiller tour to Shravanabelgola, Belur, Halebedu & other places. The only road that breaks the serenity of an exotic scenic journey is the Hassan bye-pass village road.



  • Location: It is located 22 km from Hassan and 2km from Shettihalli in Karnataka. Bangalore to Shettihalli is approx. 250km.
  • Approach: It is connected with road to the villages nearby but the last 100m leading to the church has a rough and tough turf. A road trip from Bangalore to Chigmaklur, near Hassan, leads to the church.
  • Mystery: This church tribute the workmanship of the artisans in 1860. In1960s the government constructed the Gorur dam on banks of Hemavathi River to use the water productively. But, the collateral damage during the whole process led to submersion of around 28 villages around the river in the flood. Though the villagers were rehabilitated with no damage to mankind, it was the Church that stood there to pay nature’s price.

This roofless skeleton of the church today outlooks in appreciation and in tribute to the excellent craftsmanship of the masons of those days! To enjoy this charismatic beauty, one visit is not sufficient. You have to visit once in summers and once in Monsoons to completely enjoy its enigma. It has stood the test of time with each monsoon submerge from 1960.

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


 3. Chandipur Beach: Hide and Seek Beach, Odisha

The most magnificent marvel of this beach is the fact that the sea recedes by approx five km every day and this is rarely found in other parts of the world. That is why the Chandipur beach has been nicknamed the “hide and seek” beach.



  • Location: It is located in the Balasore district of Odisha, which is 200km from Bhubaneswar
  • Approach: Journey from National Highway 5 from Bhubaneswar is worth remembering with natural beauty traveling with you all along the routes.


Other tourist locations Devkund Waterfalls, Panchalinegeswar, Khirachora Gopinatha temple, Chandaneswara, and Nilgiri Jagannath Mandir nearby make a compelling road travel to exploit Mother Nature.

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


4.  Jatinga, Assam

A small village in Assam, Jatinga is plush with lush green hills, beautiful scenery, and a serene environment. This natural beauty also holds mysteries which have or have not been unfolded, but for now, it is referred to as “Suicide Island” (for the birds).



  • Location: It is a village on a ridge that is 330km from Guwahati.
  • Approach: It is situated 9km from Haflong town and it is readily accessible by public transport.
  • Mystery: It is believed that since ages migratory birds have committed mass suicide. They drop from the skies and crash to their deaths. Some locals believe that the birds are attacked by mysterious evil spirits while some locals say that the birds crash to the ground because of shiny lights in the villages. There has been no explanation for it.
  • Mystery Unrevealed: Some scientific studies have concluded that the birds get disoriented by the monsoon fog. This leads to attraction towards village lights, and so they fly towards them as a result hitting the trees and descending to death.

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


5. Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

A hill more famous for its pull rather the beauty resides on the Leh-Ladakh Highway. Best time to visit this region is from July to September when the roads are clear and beauty of the region can be enjoyed seamlessly.



  • Location: It is located at a distance of 30 km from Leh city on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan region at an altitude of 14,000 feet.
  • Approach: Public transport runs from anywhere in Himachal Pradesh to Leh Ladakh. But you and I will be more than happy to indulge in the scenic beauty trip from Manali to Leh in our personal vehicle.
  • Mystery: A small stretch of road on the Leh Ladakh Highway defies the phenomenon of gravity. If you happen to park your car or leave it on neutral on the road that climbs up the hill, it will climb the steep road on its own at a speed up to 20kms per hour! No wonder, it is called the “Himalayan Wonder”! This is one of the best road trips as travelers visit this place to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains and experience the magnetic effect. It is hard to say whether it is some magic or just an optical illusion.


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Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


6. Kodinhi: Mysterious Village of Twins

Have you seen twins in one house and then twins in another and the next and the whole village? Well, if not then, you should visit Kodinhi in Kerala to believe it or not site!



  • Location: Kodinhi is a mysterious village in Kerala’s Malappuram district.
  • Mystery: According to estimates, there are at least 400 pairs of twins in the village that has a population of 2000 families.
  • Mystery Unrevealed: Researchers and scientists after many studies have not reached any conclusion but there are many speculations about the genetics, something in air or water.

This place holds a board stating, “Welcome to the God’s own Twins Village—Kodinhi.”

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


7. Hanging Pillar in Andhra Pradesh

Veerabhadra Temple was built in the 16th-century in Vijayanagar style It is believed that you can swipe a piece of cloth or paper mid-air that separates the ground and the pillar.



  • Location: It is located in the Anantapur district about 15 km from Hindupur and approximately 120 km from Bangalore.
  • Approach: Planned road trip from Bangalore or Vellore or Salem can provide a tranquilizing journey to reach mysterious temples.
  • Mystery: The mystery revolves around “Le Pakshi” meaning “Arise Bird” in Telugu which is believed to be said by Lord Rama when the bird Jatayu was wounded by the king of Lanka, Ravana. Jatayu fell thereafter an unsuccessful battle against the king who was carrying away Sita, the wife of Rama. So, the pillar arose! True?

Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!


8. Loktak: Only Floating Island in the World

Loktak River covers around an area of 286 sq km. Due to the entire ecosystem that is rich in a varied collection of flora and fauna, this lake has earned the name of being ‘The Wetland of International Importance’ under the Ramsar conservation.


  • Location: Loktak Lake is approx. 39 km from Imphal, the capital city of Manipur and is well- connected by the road.
  • Uniqueness: The largest single mass of phumdi in the lake covers an area of 40 sq km and has the world’s one and only floating National Park. The National Park, the Keibul Lam Jao has rich biodiversity with around 230 species of aquatic plants, more than 100 species of birds and 425 species of animals. Loktak is a birders paradise.

Drive to Explore!


9. The Mini Desert at Talakad, Karnataka

After the Chola dynasty, Talakad comprised of seven towns and five mathas or monastic establishments but later on passed on to Hoysalas. It is now famous for five Shiva temples— the Pathaleshwara Temple, the Maruleshwara Temple, the Vaidhyeshwara Temple, and the Mallikarjuna Temple, which are believed to be faces of Lord Shiva.



  • Location: Talakadu is a desert-like town on the riverbank of the Kaveri River 45 km from Mysore and 133 km from Bangalore in Karnataka, India.
  • Mystery: It is believed that a widowed devotee of Lord Shiva had once cursed the land, after which the village metamorphosized into a bizarre desert, where the river Kaveri mysteriously transforms into a swirling whirlpool. It is believed that once there were over 30 temples, most of which are now buried in the sand.

Plan a family visit in your Innova Crysta for a religious trip with your loved ones amidst a desert of skeletons!


10. Levitating Stone at Shivapur, Maharashtra

It is believed that around 800 years ago, there was a gymnasium on the spot where the shrine now stands. A Sufi saint, Qamar Ali used to meditate here even if he was targeted by others. He died when he was a teenager but when he was on his deathbed, he asked his family to place a 200 pounds stone to prove that spiritual power is greater than muscular strength.



  • Location: It is located about 180 km away from Mumbai in a small village Shivapur, Pune.
  • Mystery: Can a forefinger lift a stone or a rock? Well, the answer would be NO. But if 11 people gather around a rock and just touch it with their forefingers, and loudly call out the name of the saint who placed a curse on it, the stone rises up in the air magically! There are no other means to lift the rock! It is believed that a Sufi saint named Qamar Ali placed a curse on this rock.


11. The Visa God of Chilkur, Hyderabad

Are you waiting for your US Visa? Please visit the Chilkur Balaji Temple! Chilkur Balaji temple was so named as a group of software engineering students stated that they got visa after taking blessings from this temple.

Chilkur Balaji temple has a pleasing architecture too and it boasts of being one of the oldest temples in Telangana



  • Location: It is located in Hyderabad.
  • Myth or Reality: It has over 75,000 to a lakh devotees pay a visit every week, with a major rush on Fridays and Sundays. It is believed that the visa aspirants visit the Chilkur Visa Balaji temple before the visa interview. Then the visa aspirant goes through the usual ritual of prayer and takes 3 rounds of walking in circles around the temple. After this, the visa aspirant makes a vow that after getting the visa he/she would come back to the temple and make 108 rounds around the temple as part of her gratitude to the visa God.


There are more mysterious, haunted and unique places in India. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it is up to you to make a road route map for yourself to fulfill your desire to burst the myths, explore the uniqueness or enjoy the abundant beauty of these places.


Mystery or Reality— drive down to explore!











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