9 Fun Things to do on your next road trip

Okay! You have packed your bags, checked your GPS, and are completely ready to plunge into the ‘roadside action’. And you have all your travel activities listed. Wait what! You skipped that…?

Don’t fret, there is a list of fun and adventurous things you can do on a road travel. Sometimes the best road trips are the ones we don’t plan. But, there is no harm in having a well-planned road travel either.

All you need is to pull up your socks and take a deep breath. It’s always going to be more than just a roller coaster ride.

Here is the comprehensive list for an exotic car trip-

1.  Play Pictionary but with a twist: There is no catch here. Guessing things, movie names, phrases or anything random is always fun. Unless you are not the Theseus of your ship (we mean the driver), don’t lay your eyes off the road, ever! The twist in the game is- The driver knows the answer beforehand and gives hints by seeing the clues on the road. The player with the maximum correct guesses wins. No rocket science you see!

Person Holding Framed Captured Hill

2. Try local food with the locals: Having food with the locals is not what you will have every time. Doing this would not only experience local culture but may help you make friends too. Exposure to their way of living, beliefs, and opinions might surprise you. It is a delightful experience when you get to know ‘their side of the story’. Who knows they might be willing to share their cooking recipes for the world to taste. You can flaunt your culinary skills then later on. Get to know their existence in a better way.

Cautionary statement: You don’t need to divulge into your personal stories and information. Security matters!


3. Walk the line, Explore: This can slow you down a bit. But when you have Corolla Altis with you, no destination remains a destination. They become illustrious pages of your travel diaries. Get out and go sit on those serene water banks or calm your senses on that tranquil cliff. Explore the unchartered waters and listen to the sounds of nature. Every place has its own unique touch and feel. Get closer to that place. Feel it, smell it, savour it and devour it with all your might. Ephemeral entities are what excites us the most. You certainly don’t want to miss it. After all, YOLO!

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4. Play Dare and Dare: No! Not Truth and Dare. You don’t have to get onto the roof of the car. You don’t have to race with other drivers on road. This one is meant for different kind of dares. It would involve getting out of your vehicle. Get down at the ‘dare spot’ and complete the challenge within a set time frame. The person completing the challenge in the shortest duration can then choose the next game to play. Make sure you don’t offend the locals in this process. You won’t prefer bitter localites chasing you off their place.


5. Go Camping: Ok! A cliché but it works, always. However, this time, you don’t plan it beforehand. Park your car somewhere near a camp like site and set up your own camp. There is no match for a self-made bonfire with your close ones beside you. Do check out for insects and the season before you do this. No one likes allergies or sore throats. And yes, do not litter!



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6. Find your La La Land: You need to step out of your car for this too. Go to a nearby secluded place and do something that you wanted to. It could be yelling, it could be singing, keeping nature’s souvenirs or cleaning up a particular spot. Doing this will liberate you from routine monotony of yours and fill you with vigour and a new found zest in life. Solitude is always comforting.


7. Mark offbeat locations: Charity begins at home. But now it’s the time to do it outside. An exhilarating experience of a road travel asks for it. Jot down your experiences en route in your journey. Maintain a blog, put Google reviews or comment on social media sites. Do this and return the favour of the road trip. The traveler community would bless you for this!


8. Scavenger hunt: Have a theme for this one. It could be clicking pics of unclean spots in your dream destination. It could be finding clues of a given entity. It could be a simple treasure hunt. Decide what you can on this and prepare accordingly. This will help you relax and not overpace your journey. After all, ‘Yaksh ka dhan kisiko nhi milta’.


9. Pictorial storytelling: People love stories! At least 99% of them do. Have someone click the best or weird pics of your travel. It could be thematic too. This way you can keep the amaxophobes in your group busy. Also, a great way to churn out amazing stories. A hidden Jonathan Swift or Rahul Sankrityayan might be sitting next to you.

Black camera On White Poster

Travel makes us make worldly wise and shapes our personality a lot. Use these tips to get started and thank us later on. Head out in your Fortuner and feel alive. There is a lot more in the world you would love to know. Let’s go places!


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