11 Easy Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

A car is a huge investment that you make in your life. And it is but natural that your precious possession should be well taken care of. Do you know how can it be done? We all learn from our basics.How interesting our learning always begins from ABC? Do you know the “A-B-C” rule of Car Driving?


A- Accelerator

B- Brakes

C- Clutches

The 3 pedals used for Car Driving are our first step to make our car last longer and it is entirely in our hands how to drive. Take the first step yourself and drive the car intelligently:

1. Basics of Car Driving- A-B-C rule

  • Avoid sharp Acceleration
  • Avoid abrupt Braking
  • Don’t overload the Clutch

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2. Regularly check Lubricants and Liquids and change as required for smooth working of the car.

Lubricants are the lifeline of the engine. They make the circulatory system of the car work efficiently.

  • Engine Oil: check engine oil as it maintains pickup of the vehicle and prevents sludge build-up to enhance the life of an engine.

  • Transmission Oil: Check the transmission oil and if it’s not reddish then you need to change the oil as it improves smooth Gear Shift.

  • Coolant: Refill coolant as required as it helps in controlling Engine and Radiator Temperature – preventing the car from heating up.

3. Regularly inspect the Filters for any sludge deposition to reduce wear and tear.

Filters make the breathing of the car smooth. They can be just taken out and cleaned for any dust particles that can clog the air flow which can affect the fuel economy and wear and tear of the engine.

  • Cabin Air Filter: Traps Exhaust Gases, Pollen, Dust with clean air flow to car cabin and increases the effectiveness of Air Conditioning in the car.

  • Engine Air Filter: Traps dirt particles and act as a guard by preventing contaminants to enter to Engine leading to better fuel economy and performance.


  • Oil Filter: Oil Filter cleans out all sticky particles generated from the lubricant so that Engine can run smooth and last longer.

  • Fuel Filter: Traps contaminants, which are buildup through the fuel system and if left unattended for long can clog fuel injectors, leading further to engine stalling.


4. Regularly check Engine parts for smooth running of the vehicle.

Timely check at the car service centre for Spark Plug, Ball joints, Brake pads and Brake disc is crucial.

  • Spark Plug: Increases Engine Reliability with Optimal acceleration. It delivers Electric Current from Ignition to Combustion – so that car can start and move.

  • Ball Joints: Aids in proper vehicle handling with better control during a drive.

  • Brake Pads: Aids in better braking ability with minimized noises and prevents front brake disc or rear brake drums from damage. These can be easily checked and changed at the local car repair shop.

  • Brake Disc: Optimal brake performance to the car while applying brakes at all levels of speed is necessary as the dust accumulates in and around the caliper. This might cause the brake cylinder to jam.

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5.  Give due respect to the

Tires directly affect the suspension of the car thus, in turn, affects the fuel economy. This has a direct impact on fuel economy. To save the suspension system and damaged rims, few actions can be taken—

  • Tire Rotation: Here front tyres are put in rear wheels, and rear tyres are put in front wheels, so that uneven wear & tear can be equalised.


  • Wheel Alignment &Balancing: If your car is turning sideways – it increases rolls and leads to poor corner ability and turns which can be prevented with Wheel Balancing and alignment. This can be professionally done at car service centre.


  • A new set of tires allows your car to regain that much-needed grip, which means your drive train doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain balance and acceleration.

6.  Service Schedule

  • Have complete knowledge of the car and its service schedule. Check the user manual and follow the schedule.

  • Carbon residue can accumulate and hamper the exhaust system. This can also lead to corrosion which is not good for the fuel economy. Get your car checked for all exhaust components.

7. Listen to the story of the car

  • Do not ignore the signs of the speedometer.

  • If you hear noises which did not exist before, do not ignore them. Take your car to the car repair.

8. Battery: The life of a Car

It provides power to all electronic systems in the car, AC system, etc.


There are evident signs that call for Battery replace or recharge. If you see excessive acid deposit on the positive and negative terminals, and the voltage output goes down; then test the battery using a multi-meter to check the power of the battery. It is time to recharge or replace when the power is less than 12V.

9. Care for the interiors of the car and it will take care of you and your car

    • Clean the interior of the car regularly.
    • Use Air Conditioning as it leaks refrigerant gas and might clog the vents so get the car A/C service done regularly.
    • Protect the dashboard with screen guard.
    • Equip your car with basic tools for any emergency requirement.
    • Check the users’ manual and adhere to the weight limit of your vehicle.

10.  Exterior Maintenance

  • Wax the paint at least once a year.
  • Check the brake-lights, taillights, reverse lamps, turn signals, high-/low-beams and replace any burned out lights.
  • Wash your car regularly either at home or car centre.


  • Add a stone or mudguard to protect car’s bumper.
  • Have it rust proofed
  • Change Windshield wipers at once a year as the rubber lining can easily crack and scratch the glass.
  • Keep it safely and covered to protect it from UV rays so that the original colour remains intact.

11. Modification is a Fad: Resist it!

  • Modification of the car only adds to the beautification but wears the exterior
  • Changed suspension for more power causes wear on sub-frames and chassis.
  • Special Note: Money spent on Modification is inversely proportional to the resale value.

A little common sense and a little regularity is all it takes to make your car last longer. Follow some easy rules to prevent any unnecessary wear and tear to your car. You would not want a beauty like Toyota Camry is a short livid guest? You would definitely want it to be a part of your life. Now, you are well equipped with the tips to take care of your car.

You are in the Driver’s Seat: Enjoy a long drive with your car!


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