Head Out To These 11 Stunning Offbeat Destinations in Himachal

Himachal means “the land of snow” and it is indeed filled with plenty of snow covered mountains along with lush green forests with exotic flora and fauna. There have been several explored destinations, but they no longer provide serenity to enjoy the pristine beauty. Himachal Pradesh is a state with hidden beauty and to explore the best places to visit in Himachal; you have to choose the road less taken.

Here, you will find some places that will provide you with a memorable break from the chaotic city life. You will enjoy some sunshine embedded in the cloudy sky. The mild mist will wake you up with a good morning kiss and bountiful alleys will lead you to nature’s heritage. Enjoy these lesser-explored off-beat places in Himachal —

1) Tirthan Valley— the Purest Form

Your gateway to the pleasures of the purest form of nature lies in the Tirthan Valley. A feast for the eyes all year round, reaches its epitome in spring.

Location: Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) surrounds it.

Approach: A day’s trip from Delhi and 8 hours from Chandigarh

Enjoy for: Trail trekkers: 7-8 days; Nature Lovers:  4-5 days


  • Nurture the serenity in the laps of Mother Nature.
  • One of the best bird watching and alluring chimes destination.
  • Traditional Himachal architecture endorses quiet strolls for fresh air.
  • Dense coniferous forests pave way for adventure-loving people and provide woods trails in tranquil beauty.
  • Enjoy Trout fishing for 100 INR per day permit.
  • Camping sites to feel the earth— Sky is the limit.
Connect with nature and unwind in solitude!

2)  Chitkul: “Last Village of India”

Want to see the Indo-China border Gather your stuff and set for the last inhabited village near the Indo-China border, Chitkul to check this off-beat place in Himachal. It is also called the Last Village of India’ as the Indian roads end with the end of this village. Feeling breathtaking views and tranquility with the left bank of the Baspa River covered with snow-clad mountains and the right bank of the whole terrain that is full of apple orchards and wooden houses.

Location: It lies in the Kinnaur valley along the banks of Baspa River.

Approach: Approximately 12 hours from Delhi.

Enjoy for: 3-4 days


  • Soak in the refreshing winds of the atmosphere.
  • Picture perfect snow-clad mountains on the left bank of the Baspa River.
  • Lush dense apple orchards and wooden houses highlight the beauty of the whole terrain on the right bank of the Baspa River.
  • Un-mapped wooden cottages have Himachal beauty sheltered by tinned roofs.
  • Be a bit religious or merely enjoy the ornately carved 500-year-old temples in pagoda style.
  • Old “Tibetan” culture along the road trip to Chitkul
  • Adventure sports lovers can enjoy an ensemble of mountain sports, extending from mountaineering to bike riding, fishing, slacking, etc.
  • What do you know You are also witnessing one of the best potatoes in the world along with “Golden Apples”!
Picturesque place

3) Langza: Fossil Village

Perfectly sculpted greenery and mountainous landscape provide natural heritage which marks the visit to this valley memorable. This Himachal tourist place gives an astonishing feeling of calmness.

Location: The highest village at 14,500 ft above sea level lies in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh.

Approach: Approximately 12 hours from Delhi.

Enjoy for: 1-2 days + travel time of 2 days


  • Langza is rich in marine animals and plants for its fossils that can be collected as souvenirs.
  • Calmness abodes with ancient monasteries and buildings of the prehistoric era.
  • Grand adorable golden statue of Lord Buddha which is considered to be 1000 years old.
  • If only unicorns were true! But rainbows on the snow-covered make childhood fantasies come true.
  • Outstanding “Nazaara” by Yak ploughing fertile land.
At least one fantasy of watching Rainbow on the ground came true

4) Naggar: Capital of “Kullu Kingdom”

This ancient town was founded by the Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner painter Nicholas Roerich in the 20th century.  You get a glimpse of it in hit Bollywood movie “Jab We Met” but virtual beauty can never take place in celluloid glimpses.

Location: It is situated on the left bank of Beas River at a height of 2047 meters.

Approach: Approximately 20 km from Kullu and 12-hour journey to Kullu from Delhi.

Enjoy for: 1-2 days + travel time of 2 days


  • No one can miss the Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery.
  • Naggar Castle, which is now converted into Himachal Pradesh Tourism heritage hotel, is a century-old stone-and-wood castle with stately verandahs, high ceilings, and a grand fireplace.
  • A free land for Trout fishing
  • A small waterfall— Jana waterfall, is more than just a waterfall. You can satisfy your native “Himachali” food craving.
  • Natural trails amidst apple orchards and deodar trees give a refreshing aromatic experience of the woods.
Feel like a king in the palace turned into a hotel

5) Pragpur: 1st Heritage Village of India

A natural scenic beauty along with unique architecture takes this tourist place on a different platform. It is the “First Heritage Village” of India. The umpteen beauties and heritage will make the Himachal trip over and over again.

Location: Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh

Approach: Overnight Train’s Journey from Delhi

Enjoy for: 3-4 days


  • A village filled with the heritage of Kangra, Rajput, Portuguese, British and even glimpses of Italian architecture, enriches its alleys of unity in diversity.
  • A 300-year old The Judge’s Court that has been converted into a resort.
  • Close to Jwalaji, Chintpurni Dada Siba shrine.
  • In the middle of the village is “Taal”, a pond around which the whole village is built.
  • Radha Krishna Mandir, Nehar Bhawan, and Naun are situated near and around the “Taal”

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6) Bir Billing – Mecca for Mountainous Adventures

Any adventure lover in a mountainous region cannot miss Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh. Bir is a small village which is located on the western side of Himachal Pradesh and is blessed with a refreshing climate.

Approach: 12-hour road trip from Delhi. 45 minutes from the closest airport and 30-40 minutes from Dharamshala.

Enjoy for: 3-4 days


  • Lifeline and peaceful atmosphere can be found in Buddhist temples and monasteries that are situated in this Himachal tourist place.
  • 13th century old Vaidaynath devoted to Lord Shiva adds to the religious sanctity.
  • Organized camping sites in the beautiful valleys of the Himalayas.
  • Paragliding can take you to peaceful heights observing the serene beauty of the mother earth.
  • To top all this is the experience of watching tea making process at the Palampur Tea Cooperative.

7) Kasol – Little Israel of India/ Stoner’s Pride

It is known as the Little Israel of India in Himachal Pradesh for almost 70% tourists who visit here are Israelis. This has flourished Himachal Pradesh tourism. With time, many Jews and Israelis have also settled here as they found beautiful landscapes of the valley and charming riversides more peaceful in their Himachal tour. Signboards at some places are in Hebrew, too. The visit to River Parvati is the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience in Kasol.

The snow-filled mountains and scenic beauty of this place are just mesmerizing.

Location: Near the holy town of Manikaran in the Parvati Valley

Approach: 3 hours from the nearest airport at Kullu.

Enjoy for: 3-4 Days


  • Mesmerizing hot water spring
  • An ideal trail for trekking in the Parvati Valley, often called ‘Stoner’s Paradise’.
  • Ideal for hiking along the Parvati river
  • ‘Malana Walk’, a trail of 1 hour passes through an ancient village of Malana, which still carries ancient rules and customs that are unique in its form. This is in itself makes it an offbeat place in Himachal.
  • Rafting, rock climbing, trekking attract as many tourists as tourists for peaceful and serene beauty.

8) Barot 

Barot was developed for Shanan Hydel Project. Now, its unique beauty flourishes along terraced fields and thick cedar forests. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal. Barrot’s essence is the charming and quiet River Uhl.

Location: Located at an elevation of 6001 ft above the sea level in a small valley that is formed by the Uhl river.

Approach: 6 hours from Shimla

Enjoy for: 2-3 Days


  • The Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Biking, trekking, cycling and hiking trails to explore the beauty and enjoy the adventure.
  • If fishing is your hobby, or if you want to try something new like fishing, then this is the place. Enjoy trout fishing.
  • Other than the beauty of the place, it is the pleasure of staying that will last with you forever and make your Himachal tour worthwhile.

9) Chanshal Pass: Bikers Paradise, Camping is all you get

Tribal regions of Dodra and Kwar have still not stepped out of their customs and beliefs and followed their governing system. For tourists, the best option or the only option was camping until a few years ago. Now rest houses and homestays have come up.

Location: It is the highest peak in the Shimla district.

Approach: 500 km from Delhi

Enjoy for: 2-3 Days


  • If the sky is the limit but Skiing through the snow-covered mountains has no limit.
  • Sports Adventures of Trekking and Biking are breathtaking.
  • Beautiful Vistas provide happy entirety to relax in the fresh environment.
  • A bonus would explore a few more hill stations en-route to Chanshal Pass to complete your Himachal trip.

10) Chindi

This Himachal tour is perfect to re-invent and rejuvenate you as it is blessed with beauty, calmness, and peace all over.

Location: 130 km from Shimla

Approach: 2 hours from Shimla

Enjoy for: 2-3 Days


  • There is a network of trails that give ample opportunity for hiking, trekking, and cycling.
  • Scenic trails lead to some beautiful religious places like Shikari Devi Temple
  • One can never miss Karsog and Pangna.
  • Another vital charm is Mamleshwar Hotel which is run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism.
  • Lush green mountains and meadows invite you with alluring freshness.

11) Pabbar Valley

It is an off-beat place in the Himachal, with the richness of apple orchards and forests of deodar and oak. Mountains and splashing streams surround it. It is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

Location: 100 km east of Shimla

Approach: 20 minutes from Shimla

Enjoy for: 2-3 Days


  • The streams provide ample opportunities for rafting and fishing.
  • Other activities like trekking, hiking, and paragliding harness the beauty by engulfing your adventure.
  • Rohru, Shelapani, Karapather and Chansal Pass are part of this valley that provides more opportunities for relaxing and enjoying the vacation without the tourists’ invasion.

Himachal Pradesh is a land of scenic beauty with so many unexplored places. It engulfs beauty and shines for all ages. Now, with all the information on the off-beat places in Himachal, I am sure that you have already packed your bags for a great expedition! Take your fortuner out for himachal now and get ready to explore the beautiful nature.




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