10 Precious Tips to Help You Get Better At Road Trips

Do you like spending time with your loved ones? Would you like to spend time, enjoying the scenic beauty together? If yes, then my friend you should enroute with them! Every mile together will leave an everlasting memory, if planned wisely. The first and foremost thing is to plan ahead of time. Sometimes there can be impromptu trips too, make use of them to enjoy each and every moment. These leave an impression of the short-term adventure in your life!

It is always beneficial to do your homework before starting your trip because you do not want glitches at the last moment. Why don’t we see how can we make our trip, a memorable one? A few considerations and you are off to a memorable journey.

  • Research


Do complete R&D of the area you are travelling to- its weather, exotic places, and its culture. If you are travelling to an unfamiliar place; make sure to have a first-aid kit, a toolkit, and emergency snacks in your car. This relieves you from the stress and you can utilize this time to enjoy the scenic beauty and even stop by at your luxury.

  • Pack Light


As the saying goes, “He, who would travel happily, must travel Light!” it explains that travelling light can save you space and clutter. This will also take less time to unpack and find your required stuff easily. If you didn’t know then it can also help you save money! Heavier vehicle use more fuel than a lighter one!

  • Anticipate Problems


Always let your friends and family know where you are and what have you seen. This makes everyone know of your movement and can easily access you if they don’t hear from you. Problems are not only when people cannot access you, but it can also occur if you cannot access your car! That is when you forget the keys in the car. Make sure to carry extra keys and someone in the trip carries it so that at least one key is outside the car and you are not locked out of the car! For any other emergency situation keep a safety kit with things for your car—jumper cables, flashlight and some non-perishable snacks and water, to get you out of an unwanted until the help arrives.

  • Overall Servicing


Before starting your trip, make sure that your vehicle is capable of carrying you safely. Get it inspected by a professional; so that— the steering wheel, the brakes and the suspension—are inspected way ahead of the trip and you can test and drive ahead of time to figure out the problem/s, if any. It has to be ensured that all the fluids of your ride are up to date, for example— the engine oil, the brake fluid and the windshield washer. Get the tyres inspected so that the pressure in the tyres is adequate. Age of the tyres also plays an important role in its deterioration. Figuratively, they should not be more than six years old.

  • Personal Overalling


It is not advisable to drive when you are tired. It can be frustrating and at the same time dangerous too. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and be flexible to delay your departure time to get a few extra hours of sleep. Keep munching ready-to-eat snacks in the car so that you’re focused on the road and not distracted by food hunger. Take frequent breaks and stretch yourself to freshen up. If possible take turns while driving. Toyota Fortuner is always high on luxury, comfort, and adventure along with added safety.  Whether roaming alone or with group of people Fortuner is the best choice for all short and long road trips.

Entertain yourself-


It is very important to keep yourself active. One of the ways is to play games with others but that can be distracting too and sometimes risky. The other way is to bring your favourite songs in CD/Pen Drive/Phone, etc. and put it on Repeat mode. You will never know when these songs get imbibed in yourself and you knowingly or unknowingly think or say the next song. Another virtue that you carry with these songs is the remembrance of the trip. Every time you hear these songs, your thoughts of the trip come along. So, this helps in more than one ways!

Entertain Kids-


It is very beneficial to keep the kids occupied, otherwise their unhappiness can flow in the whole vehicle leading to an awkward situation. Carry 8-10 games so that kids don’t get bored! Keep each game a secret so that kids are enthusiastic at least once before the game begins. During the stop-overs, let the kids play and run to burn out their energy so that they can sleep for some time in the car.

Entertain Adults-


– Just like it is important to entertain the kids, in the similar way it is important to entertain the adults as well! Simple, well-planned games are the “mantra”— play 10 questions or 20 questions about important personality or maybe a family member. One game where both kids and adults can be involved is “Antakshri” in which you have to sing a song on the last word of the first song! This can be very entertaining and involve all the ages alike.

  • Have flexibility in the plans


While it is important to entertain everyone and be fresh throughout the journey, it is also beneficial to enjoy the natural scenic beauty and beauty of the places crossing by. You should not be rigid to your plan (well, if you don’t have enough time on hand, then it’s a different issue). You cross many places with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, pull off your foot from the accelerator and step out of the car! You might see many sunsets, many dashing green areas, many blue skies loaded with white clouds on the backdrop of the green pastures; but you will never see that particular area with that beauty! You will never experience the same, with the same people again! Capture the local lifestyle of the people, their occupation, and their outlook on life because you are coming from a different lifestyle!

  • Gadgets


No trip is complete without a GPS (Global Positioning System) today! Most of the phones are equipped with Google Maps, so that is not a problem but we have to ensure that we have chargers and data cables. We cannot rely on one person’s phone so we should have at least 2 set of phones along with their chargers. The car charger is a must and if you can find then maybe a solar charger can be an added advantage.

  • Documentation


Any trip without proper documentation can leave you in trouble. Always check that you carry originals as well as photocopies of the original documents. People who would be driving or taking turns should have their driving license as well as a document for age verification with them. The car R/C should be ready along with a photocopy of it. Insurance papers and Pollution certificate should also be carried in original and photocopies to make your trip hassle free from unwanted police matters at least.

  • Money Matters


Food on the go, especially the packaged food is costly and reduces your resources to spend while touring. It is always advisable to make home-made snacks for long journeys. You not only save on your pocket but also are sure of the hygiene. Even buying water all the time for so many people can get expensive. It is wise to carry reusable bottles that can be refilled; this is always a better option, for your pocket and the environment.

  • Cash in Hand


All places might not use the paperless money, accept credit/debit card or accept payments via electronic Wallets (PayTM, Mobikwik, etc.). So, to not find yourself hungry or deprived of certain services, you should carry Cash. Cash will also be useful for a toll on roads. We all know, Money Matters!

Small knowledge about the traveling tips can help you get better at Road trips. To cherish the memories all through your life, you need good company and good experience! So, it’s in your hands.

Enjoy your Trip! Happy Driving! Bon Voyage!



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