5 ways a road trip teaches you the hard things of life simplistically

Universal truths remain the same, but these manifest themselves in different forms. How to experience this firsthand?

Answer: A Road Trip.

Yes, road trips are the best way to know how those universal changes affect us directly or indirectly. Road trips propel you to be your best travel guide in unfolding these noumena.

Ever thought why someone always has an expert opinion or why is someone so compassionate towards travelers? This is because those people underwent experiences that made them the way they are now.

We learn from traveling a lot. Period! But what exactly should be our takeaways? What are those lessons anyway?

Let’s open those pages of life that deals with this stuff-

1- A stitch in time saves nine: Small is big

The more you prepare for those negligent travel tips, the more you would get better at helping yourself or someone in dire need. No one wants a terrible road trip with hidden perils having no solution in sight. Similarly, when you take care of smaller things in life, bigger things start falling into place. Yes, a bird-view of life matters, but so does the grassroots level of understanding. While on a road trip, you grasp this without getting acknowledged that you are learning this notion.

Say, for example, a beforehand knowledge of the flora of your proposed destination (or on the way) or how to treat a local can help you avoid some really bad situations (god forbid if you face any). Or your preparations for back pains, and spare tires, it also counts. These simple things matter.

This attitude comes handy when you present simple solutions to big problems effortlessly. That is what traveling does to you! An aware human being who understands the fact that where does the God of small things reside.



2- The journey, the people and you are ephemeral: Life is short

You are not going on a journey forever. It will get over after some days (or hours). But, what you learn, do and understand in it, would matter till the time you are ‘in it’.
A road trip bluntly but silently says this onto your face- ‘You are not here permanently’, so stop acting like one.

Everyone has their own reasons to be on a road trip. Your company might not be as interested as you are, or maybe they are in it because of you. Life too is like that. Whether we want or not, we have to tread our paths. Some walk with us, some walk maintaining a distance, or we walk alone. In the same manner, best road trips do not happen with mechanical planning, processes, or actions. It happens organically with you feeling it right in your heart. It helps you grab a chance to find meaning in your meaninglessness on road trips. You get to appreciate the sublimity and volatility of nature, including yourself.

All of it boils down to one universal fact- You are here for a limited time frame. Leave your Meraki for others to see and feel. Life cannot be lived on a backward gear (or travel too for that matter). Understanding this makes that required difference!



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3- All that glitters may be gold or golden foils: Perspectives equals the number of humans on earth

A GPS road route map is not the same of everyone owning a Smartphone (a fact). And so is the life of everybody here. Now you know the reason why you click with a certain spot en route a destination while your mate or family members may not. A road trip allows that space for everyone to be themselves. We tussle with the de facto perspectives our entire lives and build our self-righteous shells. As Friedrich Nietzsche puts it aptly- There are no facts, there are only interpretations.

There is a conflict of perspectives and not of the people in this world. A road trip helps you see this clearly when you want to eat or stop at a particular spot but the majority in the car don’t (and you have a sour mood because of that).



4- Tough paths call us to destroy them: Darkness gives birth to light at dawn

Ever got stuck in a road journey? Well, your road trip planner skills were not at fault. That wasn’t your doing. Neither the scenario is permanent. Humans, like a river, pass through many gorges, steeps, meanders and finally settles into becoming a unique entity. This is what exactly a road trip teaches you. Encountering a problem means you are walking and chartering your own paths. Some remove the problems, some find clever ways to deal with it.

But only those who are with grit and conviction are the ones who discover solutions. When you are meant to be somewhere, you will be there, eventually. What you were, what you are and what you will be, is exactly what defines it perfectly. Grey days leave like the Dementors left Hogwarts in the end. But they add that required depth we needed as humans.

golden mountains


5- A man has to do what he has to do: Never complain about uncontrollable things

When was the last time you got stuck in bad weather? Was it during your winter travel or was it when you took that short detour? In both the cases, the most feasible solutions were of foremost importance. Nothing else mattered. Other things or your mood too were put on hold. Right!? The same goes for you when you travel the journey of life. It makes sense when you know your limitations of budget travel or how to enjoy an adventurous trip. You must do what you really need to do. No excuses count here!

Being ‘in’ amidst all the fun and sorrows yet doing responsible things is your key takeaway. Taking a road trip that forces your brain’s neurons to come up with the best solution in adversity is yet another hallmark. The best giveaway of nature to us is when we decode the signs it sends to us enigmatically.

When we know where we stand, what we can or cannot control and what ought to be done, things settle down on their own. All pandemonium ceases.,

sad man

Road trips are not just an escapade for fun. It has the potential to teach you things no one can. A Road journey fills us with indescribable satiation and makes us enriching as human beings. Moreover, important things in life are always SIMPLE.

What did you learn on your last road trip in a Toyota Fortuner? Did it change your outlook on life? Our comment box awaits your ‘Confucius comments’.


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