7 New Road Trips From Delhi That You Haven’t Tried Yet

When was the last time you wanted a break so bad that you ended up scrolling travel sites? Oh my, you didn’t? We understand your plight. Delhi makes you go crazy, we agree. But did you know that your weekend travel can be amazing just like those long drives you take? Enticing trips with beautiful scenic landscapes to historical monuments, road trips too are an extravaganza to the ‘city of rallies’. Yes, you need to take a break and now is the time to do it.

The area surrounding Delhi is filled with lakes, nature theme parks, historical sites, and mountains (yes it is). Road trips from Delhi are perfect for rejuvenating your weekends if you know where to look. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a celebrating spirit razing your mind or prefer solitude; these touring spots near Delhi can make your travel radar really active.

There are a number of places to visit near Delhi for a day or two. Let’s drive to some of them


  • Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan: The abode of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan, Neemrana in Alwar, Rajasthan, is not an everyday palace. Hanging gardens, swimming, and serenity are the major highlights of this majestic grandeur. Located en route to Jaipur on Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Neemrana invites with regality and splendour. Nine palace wings spread over 6.5 acres standing on a hill, this palace is a unique specimen of Indian architecture. The journey via each road on makes each of the highway to showcase a different spectacle on the journey.

Route to take: NH 48, 352, or 709

Distance: 128.6 km minimum

Duration: 2.5 to 4 hours depending on the route chosen.



  • Pangot, Uttrakhand: This place is not yet discovered much by the people coming in as tourists. A scenic small hill town, this place is located 13 km away from Nainital. Famous for bird watching, this town also hosts some of the spectacular lakes in Uttarakhand. The best way to reach here is via your own vehicle because transportation is available up to Nainital only. Insert your car’s key and hop on your Toyota Yaris today for quintessential weekend trips from Delhi. Cheena peak range, Khurpaa Taal, Lovers point in Nanda Devi range awaits you here with open arms.

Route to take: NH 9

Distance: 300 km minimum

Duration: 7.5 hours maximum



  • Morni, Haryana: Yes, this mountainous peacock namesake (in Hindi) place lies in Haryana. In case you didn’t know this place was ruled by the Queen Morni, hence the name. Situated adjacently on the border of Chandigarh-Shimla highway, this place offers quietude and historical chapters to go through. It doesn’t hustle and bustle much with people. Small- town shops with drop dead gorgeous mountains backdrop are its hallmark. You can watch the ruins of the fort, go to the museum or head to Tikkar Taal (lake) on the right or the temple on the left of Morni. Staying in Tikkar Taal is a better option as it hosts better tourist amenities. It also has a horror theme adventure park.

Route to take: Chandigarh-Shimla Highway NH5,or NH 44

Distance: 253.7 km minimum

Duration: 4.5- 5 hours



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  • Damdama Lake, Sohna, Haryana: Built by the British as a water reservoir, Damdama lake is situated in Gurugram district. This place is credited to have the largest lake in Haryana. Located near the Aravalli range, it is a gateway for fun with the picturesque water all around. An interesting feature of this lake is that it is in the shape of an amoeba. Parasailing, valley crossing, rock climbing are some of the adventurous stuff for the adrenaline junkies. Boating is also an option for people preferring alternatives. Hot springs of Sohna are one of the reasons that make this place a must visit.

Route to take: NH 48 from ITO Delhi

Distance: 61 km minimum

Duration: 2.5 hours maximum



  • Lansdowne, Uttrakhand: If you are tired of cliché Delhi sightseeing, then here is a new relief. Welcome to Lansdowne! Surreal nature at its best. Due to military restrictions, this place has not been spoiled by commercialization much. Though, there are a limited number of tourist attractions for the same. Bhullar Lake, St. Mary Church and Tip-and-Top viewpoint are its salient identity landmarks. There are two routes from Delhi to Lansdowne you can opt for. The first one covers Delhi – Ghaziabad – Muradnagar – Meerut Bypass Road – Khatauli – Bijnor – Najibabad-Kotdawara – Lansdowne. Or you can go via Sonipat up to Kotdwar. At Kotdwar, you kiss the feet of the Shivalik Mountain Range where it invites you to devour its offerings. Lansdowne is sure to make you say- Where have you been all this time?


Route to take: NH 534

Distance: 247 km minimum

Duration: 7 hours maximum


Point to note: This place is accessible only via a private vehicle like a car. So start listening to your Toyota Fortuner and don’t make her wait for too long.”

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  • Unchangaon, Uttar Pradesh: Lying 40km off the Delhi-Moradabad Highway, Unchagaon is a fort built over a century ago. Originally made by mud, this palace offers relaxation and sumptuousness in all its might. Dolphin-viewing is a plus that you cannot miss. Immerse in royalty away from the city. Indulge in horse-riding, archery, bullock/tractor rides and much more. Sitting on the banks of the River Ganges in Garmukteshwar enroute Unchagoan is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Route to take: Eastern Peripheral Highway

Distance: 101 km minimum

Duration:3-3.5 hours maximum



  • Sariska National Park, Alwar, Rajasthan: This Tiger Reserve Park is not just a bird sanctuary, but also boasts of a fort, temples and wildlife safari. The hard work to reach this stupendous place is totally worth it. The supposedly haunted Bhangarh Fort lies in this very area. Visit the Kankwadi fort in the middle of the jungle, or take a stroll in the park or spend the day relaxing. Sariska has a multitude to offer to those who come here.

Route to take: Western Peripheral Highway and NH 48

Distance: 200 km minimum

Duration: 5 hours maximum


One day trip from Delhi can be a lot more fun if you know what exactly the roads are trying to tell you. Just listen to the mystic sounds of the places nearby and you will know where to head.

Share your unknown road trip secrets with us. We would be more than glad to listen.


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