10 Important Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Car

Hurray! New excitement is on the way. All set to buy a new car – your dream, your years of saving!

But have you done all the homework before buying your favourite car? It can be really frustrating and annoying when a salesman is pitching you to buy his favourite car (it may seem sometimes) and you might end up making a less favourable choice. Buying a car is not just like buying a chocolate, which you just want to eat and forget later. Buying a new car requires a great deal of research and some homework before you land in any car showroom so that you are aware of all technical know-how and can indulge in a healthy conversation with the salesman.


Before you buy a car ask yourself

Before you buy a car ask yourself

What kind of driving do you do?

What features matter to you?

What’s your price range?

Where will you be parking?

What kind of insurance can you afford?


We present to you some tips before buying a new car.

  1. Decide and Compare Type of car you need

Decide and Compare Type of car you need

Deciding on a type of car to buy depends on your personality, need, want and budget. There are a variety of car options to choose from- hatchback, a premium hatchback, sedan, SUV. Additionally, give a second thought about space required to park it. Toyota has a strong presence in all car segments in India.


  1. Do your Own Research Work first

Do your Own Research Work first

Whenever you plan to buy a new car, first of all, decide what is your car preference – fuel economy, luxury, sporty or any other? After that select a brand and the car model you want which best suits it. Read all the user reviews (don’t follow blind reviews), consider the opinion of some near and dear ones who have good knowledge in the segment because their reviews will be unbiased of all.


  1. Plan your budget

Plan your budget

Always buy a car that fits in your budget. Plan a budget first and consider all costs associated with it. Consult with your partner if that budget is affordable so that you don’t end up adding additional burden on your pocket and regret later. A car is the second most expensive investment you make after buying a house. Think and plan before you buy a new car.


  1. Always take the Test Drive of the car

Always take the Test Drive of the car

Around 90% of people test the driving experience first, and then decide to buy. Don’t be among rest 10%. Always test your comfort level in it while you drive. Bring some relative along and take their opinion too. Check adjustments and control according to your height and comfort.


  1. Consider Pre-Financing Options

Consider Pre-Financing Options

Some car dealers offer financing options along with the car, but in many cases its seen that their interest rates are higher than banks. Consider and compare interest rates from both dealers and banks and then choose the best offer. Always get the quote in writing so that it doesn’t change on the date you finally decide to buy.


  1. Avoid Impulse buying

Avoid Impulse buying

Love, at first sight, is good, but always consider its implications in later stages. Never go for impulse buying of a car, expensive things are damn tempting but don’t go for something because you like it that moment. Research it thoroughly! And avoid regretting later.


  1. Check all dealership offers

Check all dealership offers

Let’s take a live example to understand better -You enquire at about 2-3 stalls before you finally buy some grocery to bargain the best deal. How can you rely and depend upon a single dealership in the area? Have you checked how many dealerships are around you? Have you checked their offers? If not, go and check all the offers and value-added services each one is offering. Keep bargaining and asking about offers, till you walk out from the car showroom.

Always trust authorized car dealer!


  1. Decide Petrol or Diesel variant?

Decide Petrol or Diesel variant?

Although petrol cars are cheaper to buy, their fuel economy is less when compared to diesel cars. Diesel cars are costlier than petrol cars and even their maintenance expenses are more.

Go for a diesel variant only if you drive more than 30 or 40 Km per day to reap benefits of fuel economy, otherwise choose a petrol variant.


  1. Consider resale value

Consider resale value

Nothing is permanent. Technology is upgrading itself daily and introducing some exciting features. When you buy a car, remember you will be selling it after certain years and using the money earned from selling it to finance your new car. Choose a brand like Toyota which has high resale value because of its brand name and easy availability of spare parts.


  1. Choose the best time

Choose the best time

Buying a car in India is ruled by various superstitions and occasions. Periods like Shraads are very dry months for a car dealership as various people avoid buying a car during it. If you are not superstitious you can reap some additional discounts and deals during this period. Also, prefer to buy in the month of January if are buying in December because your car will be a year newer on the papers.

Buying a new car can be mind-boggling sometimes but after following these tips you will definitely be a happy and satisfied customer. Never rush! Think before you buy. Have more information to share? Post your comments below.


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